RARE CREATIVE is not just a name but a philosophy. We believe that producing a dynamic representation of the world's finest goods is more than a job, it’s what we love to do.

Our success is defined by an innovative collaboration with the customer, expanding creative limits and refining a commitment to new visual principles. Every day we are inspired to serve this vision. The results... extraordinary images from an uncommon perspective.

RARE CREATIVE is a boutique creative studio specializing in photography, retouch, design and advertising services tailored to jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers. Our goal is to empower these businesses with strong ideas that speak with clarity and focus, along with pure, clean images. Our approach is simple. It is based on the belief that by understanding your needs and concerns, your business becomes our focus. We develop and employ images or strategies that position your product in the most effective manner.

We offer custom designed projects of any scale, as well as any or all of our creative services on an ‘a la carte’ basis. Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Retouch and Digital Imaging and Project Management are all administered by an award winning staff of artists who enjoy their jobs, and really care about the end product.